Are you an introvert?

f3965fde962cb806b51fe93c425cf30dIn social situations, i think its pretty obvious that i come under the introversion category. I don’t tend to lead a conversation or express my most pressing thoughts. I’m quiet and ay come across as subdued. I tend to keep my emotions to myself and hide away in the shadows.

For the vast majority of my life, i have felt forced into situations where i felt uncomfortable, especially in school. I hated going to some of my classes because i knew hat the teacher would pick on me to answer a question because ‘i was too quiet’ I think its wrong that teachers put pupils on the spot like this. I get that its a way of growing confidence, but in my opinion a person will only gain confidence if they initiate an action themselves, not being forced into it. I grow in confidence because i say to myself for example ‘i am going to ring the insurance company today’ and i pluck up the courage to do it. Afterwards i feel incredibly proud of myself and i’m ready to do it all over again. The situation would be completely different and im sure the after effects would be too if i had someone pressuring me to make the call. I’d get off of the phone, thank the trees that it was over and done with and think ‘im not doing that again’ Where is the positive in that? Its because i didn’t start off with any in the first place. Just keeping calm and talking positively to yourself will definitely push the happy juices.

I have only recently noticed myself in social situations, where as usual i hide away in the background quiet as a mouse. And all the time i’m thinking in my head ‘say something’ ‘stop being so quiet’ ‘make conversation’ and i can feel myself getting all worked up and panicking like a hyped up monkey. In the end i do nothing and waddle on forth. But this past week i have once again noticed my introversion and tried to embrace it. The truth is that i dont need or want to be in conversations all the time. I only get involved if i have something that i want to say or if the conversation interests me. I sat back and held my own little bubble and you know what, i felt proud that i accepted myself as a introvert and felt good about it.

Theres  nothing to be ashamed about, it’s just another unique quality that we may hold.

– Robyn Sno

For more info check out this article here




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