Make a plan to take recovery action!

I got singed off of work for an extra 2 weeks, which I honestly feel so calm, relieved and happy about because now I can do some serious concentration work on myself without having the stress of work looming over my shoulder the following week; however I need a plan.

I suppose that anyone who suffers with mental illness has more than likely visited the ‘I have a routine and cannot break it’ room, so naturally I need another ritual, but this time it is going to be a bloody good and positive ritual. A Positual -if you may.

I really want to work hard to structure my days, be productive with my time, but still make time to relax and not over work myself. My aim is to go back to work with strategies in place, a stronger mental attitude and a more positive mind frame.

Tomorrow  I will focus on starting a plan and feeling safe with the plan. I’ve learnt not to jump into something straight away; its not going anywhere so what’s the big rush? Slow and steady always wins the race. #Snurtlehpqscan0004 SNURTLE with signature


I am going to do this and I am going to update with the ideas and structure of my plan. So for not at least it is set in my mind that I am going to make a mighty awesome recovery plan to the extent that I can help myself on my own.- External, professional help is currently in the process of administration.

-Robyn Sno 


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