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You are reading the typed words of an unconventional, quixotic, naive
yet courageous fruitcake. I dig quirkiness, originality and a sarcastic sense of humour. I live 90% of my life torn between being away with the fairies or slugging my guts out to the demon that has made a permanent camp inside my brain. The remaining 10% will include driving safely, looking left and right when crossing the road and refraining from constant social media engagement.

I keep this journal as my expression, my peace from the bad. Most of all, i want to tell my story of present, not the past or the future, but be mindful of the here and now and share all my knowledge, wisdom and professional brain waves.

10 facts about me – Standard piece of originality.

  1. Lets get this one out of the cookie jar because a lot of my journaling will revolve around this fact. I have been suffering from an eating disorder for years now and solid help is still yet to found. I suffer with self harm, depression, anxiety attacks and then what comes with that; the odd occasion of wanting to leave this planet forever. Basically my mental health isn’t rated 5 stars.
  2. I’m a competitive little tortoise. I like sport and i hate to loose. I like drinking games and i hate to loose. You get were this is going. I currently play on a Roller Derby league in which i am aspiring to be one bad ass jammer. (YouTube it)
  3. I hoard food as if the world is ending tonight! Chocolate is probably the biggest giant that i have to grapple with . I’ll sit and look at it, wanting one, but in the end will say to myself that its for decoration or it will come in handy one day.
  4. I’m a coffee widow and slowly but surely becoming a green tea newly wed.
  5. My biggest secrets are that i used to be a worldwide prima ballerina and in another life, deep into the past i lived the life of the unicorn.
  6. I’m spiritually intrigued and do believe that there is something hovering around us constantly, protecting us in scary situations and nudging us to get on through them.
  7. Reading is my cake base, but writing is my whipped cream. I’m a hermit and proud to constantly wear my glasses with a string dangling from my neck.
  8. I crave organisation, perfection and basically I’m a control freak that has a professional head screwed in.
  9. I currently reside in a barn in the outskirts of a countrified county. I have spoken to several horses, sheep and chickens, but its safe to say i am not the animal whisperer.
  10. Finally, I’m an avid self improver, determined to always try harder and beat what i did yesterday. I fear failure, as well as commitment, but thats what pushes me to succeed.

I’m basically an open book- READ ME!

-Robyn Sno

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